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Whistleblowers want protection from wrongful termination or other retaliation. Many statues provide for specific protection and remedies to recover for resulting harm. Government employees that become aware of City, County and State government officials acting improperly, or of private companies taking advantage of government contracts need experienced whistleblower attorneys to stop the fraud and possibly collect an award for uncovering wrongdoing.

If your employer is defrauding the government, and you come forward as a whistleblower you are entitled to a portion of the money that the government recovers. It is also the right thing to do – a civic duty and the ethical choice.

Examples of areas applicable to whistleblower laws are government contract fraud, securities fraud, IRS fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud and items falling under the False Claims Act.

Chuck Gabriel has represented international companies and multi-state corporations as well as businesses and individuals through the metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia in dealing with whistleblower cases. For assistance dealing with a whistleblower case, contact Chuck today for a free consultation to determine your best course of action.

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