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Class actions are considered complex litigation. Chuck Gabriel and his associates have had tremendous success with class action lawsuits. Class actions allow consumers that have been wronged to litigate as a group rather than individually. The experience and history Chuck and his team bring to the table of representing plaintiffs in class action suits can give ;you confidence in their ability to investigate your potential claim, maneuver through the complex legal issues associated with class actions, and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Examples of wrongdoing that can result in a class action include but are not limited to breach of contract, breach of warranty, product liability, false advertising, wage and hour issues, Fair Labor Standards Act litigation: basically – wrongs with many victims and redress of common wrongs on a large scale.

If you feel you may be the victim of corporate wrongdoing in this area contact Chuck Gabriel to discuss the merits of your case.

For an in-depth look at a successful class action that Mr. Gabriel was involved in, click here to go to the Georgia EMC Litigation website that discusses in detail the case and resolution. The outcome was the largest settlement in Georgia for 2013 and the largest Judgment in Georgia for 2014.


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