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While not every business has Coca Cola’s “secret formula” to protect, every business does have its “family jewels” – secrets and other confidential, proprietary information that are critical to its competitive edge and business success which are generally guarded from prying eyes. Client lists, shared customer data, corporate finances, pricing and bidding formulae, in-house software and business data are just some of the building blocks of corporate stability.  Patents, technical innovations and other intellectual property have value and distinguish one business from its competition. Business, marketing or product development plans, financial planning and other business strategies design the future and can be undermined if not rendered valuless when obtained by a competitor or publicly disclosed prematurely.

Protecting these “family jewels” through internal protocols, restrictive covenants and other employment and non-disclosure agreements falls to the business, its management and employees.  If proper protections are in place and enforcement protocols implemented and exercised, these jewels can be considered Trade Secrets under Georgia’s Trade Secrets Act as well as protected under federal and state criminal laws.

The threat of misappropriation, unauthorized disclosures or outright theft of trade secrets and other confidential information make it essential for businesses to retain counsel that understands the complexities of trade secret cases, technology transactions, data protection, copyright and trademark litigation. If you are concerned that an employee or officer of a company has stolen your company’s intellectual property, Chuck Gabriel and the Gabriel Law Group can assist you in determining the most appropriate course of action. This area of the law can be extremely complex, and oftentimes require significant investigations to prove wrongdoing. This is an area where Mr. Gabriel excels. The years of experience investigating complex cases can make the difference between success and failure when attempting to prove these types of cases.

Chuck Gabriel spent 28 years as a Special Agent and Legal Advisor with the FBI, often dealing with complex conspiratorial and organized criminal matters. That background can be of tremendous value if you are made aware of a situation involving theft of intellectual property.

The Gabriel Law Firm has represented large and small national companies and corporations as well as businesses and individuals throughout metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia. Using its network resources, the Firm regularly partners with co-counsel throughout the United States and internationally when local or out-of-state the clients’ interests are best served by such collaboration and representation.

Contact Chuck if you believe you or your company has been the target of intellectual property theft.

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