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Chuck Gabriel and the Gabriel Law Firm have a commitment to protecting the interests of all his clients. Oftentimes, contracts are not drafted effectively or contain unclear language which can cost businesses money and time. Chuck has a long and illustrious record resolving contract disputes and litigating effectively when it becomes essential.

Contracts are agreements with mutual obligations supported by consideration. Business contract disputes include partnership disputes, operating agreement disputes, business to business vendor disputes and more. Chuck will represent business owners and professionals in the broad range of business related breach of contract disputes or litigation. Does your business need legal advice related to a contract dispute? Have you or your company received notice of a lawsuit or been served? Do you have reason to believe you’ve been cheated or defrauded by a partner? Call or contact The Gabriel Law Firm immediately. Procrastinating can have dire consequences including default judgments being entered against you or your business if a suit is not answered in a timely manner.

Chuck Gabriel has represented international companies and multi-state corporations as well as businesses and individuals through the metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia.They provide assistance to individuals and businesses involved in breach of contract litigation.

Are you facing employment contract litigation involving employment agreements, non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements or other employment realted disputes? Contact us today to review your potential options.

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