Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Breach of Fiduciary duty violations can be by corporate employees, officers and directors, conservators, guardians, trustees or representatives. These individuals are bound by law to fulfill the high degree of trust imposed upon them.  Failing in that regard can open them up to a lawsuit.

Disloyalty, self-dealing, conflicts of interest and other unethical behaviors are at the core of fiduciary duties. Especially in the business and management contexts, the duties owed to the employer and/or business are critical obligations.  Violating these responsibilities not only harm the business operations but also the company’s value and the interests of partners, stockholders and shareholders /members.

The Gabriel Law Firm can assist in analyzing and litigating these cases. If you have concerns regarding a corporate employee’s, officer’s or director’s behaviorcontact the firm today for further information.

If you are a fiduciary that has questions on how to properly and lawfully administer your responsibilities, Chuck Gabriel and the Gabriel Law Firm can provide advice and counsel.

You will find Chuck to be personable, accessible and committed to helping obtain the best possible result for his clients. He and his firm have represented international companies and multi-state corporations as well as businesses and individuals through the metro Atlanta area and the state of Georgia. If you need experienced legal counsel dealing with breach of fiduciary duty or any complex litigation, contact Chuck today for a free consultation to determine your best course of action.


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