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Attorney Chuck Gabriel and the Gabriel Law Firm represent individuals and organizations in business related litigation in state and federal courts throughout the State of Georgia. They have achieved outstanding results in large-scale, complex litigation with experience encompassing a wide range of cases, from employment litigation and breach of contract to business torts and disputes; from contracts with vendors or customers to leases, transactions and fraudulent business practice; from trade secrets to intellectual property rights.

Using its network resources, the Firm regularly partners with co-counsel throughout the United States and internationally when local or out-of-state the clients’ interests are best served by such collaboration and representation. They can consult with corporations, employers, employees, partners, shareholders and executives as well as advising principals when they are involved in buying and selling businesses.

If you need an experienced team of legal professionals that can represent you in civil litigation cases, no matter how complex, contact the Gabriel Law Firm today for a free consultation. You will discover a level of personable service that is rare in the legal profession, and will find a comfort level that comes with being able to reach your attorney on the phone, any time of the day or night.

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