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How will you protect your company?

I am attorney Charles D. “Chuck” Gabriel and I represent business owners, executives and professionals when they or their companies have been hurt or face the risk of harm by the actions of others. The dangers come both internally from misconduct by directors, officers or employees, or externally from vendors, business clients, former employees or competitors.

As a business lawyer, I have handled a variety of civil business, commercial and class action litigation cases throughout Georgia and the United States. With my knowledge and experience dealing with complex corporate malfeasance cases and conspiracies, I work independently or alongside in-house counsel or with legal teams from larger law firms to put together effective investigative and trial teams and strategies. I have successfully prosecuted civil cases through trial or negotiated or mediated settlements achieving financial recoveries, equitable protections and judgments involving business ownership, contract and employment disputes. I have successfully represented class action clients, fraud against the government / whistleblower clients and civil RICO litigants. In 2014, my clients won the largest class action settlement judgment in Georgia (In re Cobb EMC Class Action, Cobb Superior Court, Civil Action File No. 10:100353-48).

My Background:  Over 40 Years of Experience Rooting Out Corruption and Malfeasance.

For 28 years I served as a legal advisor and investigator as a Special Agent of the FBI. My work there involved complex organized conspiratorial matters, gathering evidence and proving cases of white collar crime, fraud, money laundering, racketeering, and public corruption, among others. I understand how to build effective cases for court—even those involving the most complicated legal issues. I also served as In-House Counsel, taught the law of extraordinary investigative techniques to agents and officers alike, headed the FBI’s asset forfeiture efforts in Georgia.

Since my retirement in 2002, I have been a practicing litigator focusing on civil disputes, both on my own and for over seven years as a partner in Pierce ~ Gabriel Partners, LLC.  In March, 2016 I joined Chalmers, Pak, Burch & Adams, LLC as a member.

In private practice, I have built a strong network of resources remaining active as an FBI Retiree.  I am able to draw on the wealth of investigative, financial and forensic expert resources worldwide found amongst the cadre of former agents for the benefit of my clients.

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